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On 1 August 2017, The State Planning Commission assumed the functions, powers and duties of the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC), Local Heritage Advisory  Committee (LHAC) and Building Advisory Committee (BAC). The State Planning Commission has established the Building Committee to continue the functions formerly undertaken by the BAC and the BRAC.

Building Advisory Committee (BAC)

About the Building Advisory Committee (BAC)

The Development Policy Advisory Committee is required to establish the Building Advisory Committee under Regulation 107(1)(a) of the Development Regulations 2008.

The role of the Building Advisory Committee is to report to the Development Policy Advisory Committee on:

  • matters relating to the administration of the Development Act 1993 in respect to the design, construction and maintenance of buildings; and
  • the adequacy and application of the Building Rules; and
  • such other matters as determined by the Minister or referred to the Committee by the Development Policy Advisory Committee

The Building Advisory Committee consists of members with collective experience in architecture, engineering, building surveying, building construction, building fire safety, and fire fighting operations. At least one member should have some planning expertise, to reflect the integrated nature of the Development Act 1993 and at least one member should be from local government.


The Building Advisory Committee members are appointed for a term from 1 October 2015 up to and including 31 August 2017.

The Members are:

  • Peter Harmer, Presiding Member
  • Kym Rowland, Deputy Presiding Member
  • Brett Fennell
  • George Kamencak
  • Nageswary Karuppiah
  • Anita Caruso
  • Danielle O'Dea
  • Jeffrey Shillabeer