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On 1 August 2017, The State Planning Commission assumed the functions, powers and duties of the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC), Local Heritage Advisory  Committee (LHAC) and Building Advisory Committee (BAC). The State Planning Commission has established the Building Committee to continue the functions formerly undertaken by the BAC and the BRAC and  the Hearing Panel to continue the functions formerly undertaken by the DPAC which comprises members of the State Planning Commission.

Local Heritage Advisory Committe (LHAC)

About the Local Heritage Advisory Committee (LHAC)

The Local Heritage Advisory Committee (LHAC) is a subcommittee of DPAC and provides the Minister for Planning with:

  • specific advice regarding proposed amendments to local area Development Plans insofar as the relate to local heritage
  • assessment of objections made against the designation of a property as a Local Heritage Place, where the owner has lodged a formal response to the council
  • as such, other matters determined by the Minister or referred to the committee by DPAC.


The members are:

  • Gavin Leydon - Presiding Member
  • Paul Leadbeter - Deputy Presiding Member
  • Shanti Ditter
  • Simon Fitzpatrick
  • Bruce Harry
  • Deborah Lindsay
  • Jason Schulz
  • Robyn Taylor

Local Heritage

Local councils can designate properties within their Development Plan area as ‘Local Heritage Places’ providing they meet certain criteria. Such designation – which must occur via the Development Plan Amendment process – may affect the development rules and processes applicable to the property.

Local Heritage Places are designated via a ‘Local Heritage Plan Amendment’ (Local Heritage DPA). Where a 'Local Heritage' Plan Amendment is initiated by a council, the council must advise owners of any proposed new Local Heritage Places of the Development Plan Amendment before the commencement of the public exhibition period. The council must also hold a public hearing as part of the public exhibition process.

Where an objection is raised to the designation of a property as a Local Heritage Place, the council must provide a reasonable opportunity for an objection to be heard. The owners can also have their objections considered by LHAC.

For further information on this process, please download the following brochure:

After hearing objections to listings of local heritage places, advice is provided by LHAC to the Minister for his consideration regarding the objections. That advice is either that the property in dispute:

  • be retained as a Local Heritage Place or
  • have its listing description modified or
  • be removed as a Local Heritage Place.

The Minister makes the final decision on whether a property is to be listed (LHAC is not the decision-making body; the Committee's role is purely to provide independent advice to the Minister).

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